About Us

Crown Agents International Development is a registered charity and member of the Crown Agents Group with a shared mission to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems and deliver lasting change for vulnerable populations.

Our purpose is to deliver transformational projects at the international, regional, local and community levels with a focus on driving sustainable results. We aim to tackle a wide range of global challenges, including to advance health, promote community development, provide education and training, and support the relief of poverty, need and suffering.

Being able to leverage the full range of resources: the knowledge, experience and skills of experts and wide-ranging networks across the public and private sectors in over 87 countries, we can rapidly scale up, particularly in response to emergency situations.

Throughout our programmes, we aim to optimise the use of global resources to deliver the value for money without compromising the high standards of independence honesty, integrity and fairness that we hold ourselves to.

Crown Agents International Development charity number: 1192249