Crisis Response & Recovery

CAID works in some of the most hard-to-reach and volatile contexts in the world and prioritises those most in need.

We harness Crown Agents Groups’ capacity and expertise to achieve results in emergency and protracted crisis contexts, supporting international and donor agencies, national and sub-national authorities, and civil society organisations to manage impactful humanitarian responses around the globe. We remain engaged in countries long after emergencies and committed to assisting the recovery and restoration of pre-crisis patterns of life.

CAID proactively identifies and mitigates risks, collaborates with partners and institutions that are often overlooked by mainstream humanitarian agencies. CAID programming relies on the strong, long-term relationships built with national actors, that collectively with civil society, enables us to adapt to changing contexts and new demands. Our lasting partnerships are the reason that CAID continues to offer support, nationally and sub-nationally even when access for international organisations is constrained.

CAID not only develops bespoke ways of responding to challenges, but also trains, mentors and empowers our partners to localise and deliver effective, better programming.

We provide industry-leading expertise in crisis response and recovery capable of advising, managing and implementing programmes that are adaptive to high-risk, rapidly changing crisis situations; access to standing or surge operational advisors who specialise in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), shelter, protection, public health, cash and livelihoods, information management and analysis; procurement, supply-chain, logistics expertise and operational capability; risk management and compliance; bespoke training; civilian-military coordination; fund management and security advice.