Ukraine Response

24th February 2022, Russia launches a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the war has had a devastating impact on the lives of Ukrainian civilians and the country’s infrastructure. It has wreaked untold destruction, taken thousands of lives and displaced millions of people.

From the onset of the invasion, CAID rapidly launched an emergency response to support the Ukrainian people. Crown Agents has had a presence in Ukraine for over 25 years, with an office in Kyiv and over 20 employees. Our people’s contextual knowledge, coupled with our long-standing relationship with the Ministry of Health Ukraine (MoH), gave us a unique understanding of the urgent needs in country as the war unfolded.

Having previously supported the MoH with a ground-breaking medical procurement project and their Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, Crown Agents were seen as a trusted partner by the MoH during critical stages of the war. We were informed of required goods in real-time and partnered with donors and corporates to fund the various items.

These included individual first-aid kits (IFAKs) to support paramedics in the field, oxygen concentrators and patient monitors for hospitals and baby incubators in response to rising premature births.

We are also expanding our response to provide grants to Civil Society Organisations (CSO) in Ukraine, many of whom are under immense strain. We are providing assistance to ensure they can continue to deliver essential services to local communities across Ukraine. The currently funded organisations focus on a variety of issues, including the evacuation of women and children from Russian occupied Mariupol and the documentation of war crimes. Additionally, we are working to improve access to healthcare services by rehabilitating Health Care Facilities (HCF’s) in regions that have been targeted by the Russian invasion.